2021 Annual Report Letter

May 20, 2022 • Blog

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Dear Friends,

As we entered 2021 we were all still struggling to grasp what we experiences with the arrival of COVID-19 to the Texas Panhandle.

Across our 29-county service area, we continued to see a higher need than pre-COVID. On average, we assisted 14,049 households in the Texas Panhandle each month. This is far higher than the 8,900 households served in 2019.

Unfortunately, we are forecasting this need will remain steady or increase. The good news is that we have been able to meet the need, thanks to the generosity of your donations.

We have been able to revamp half of our truck fleet – specifically our semi-trucks and trailers – to help better serve our rural communities. In 2022, we anticipate replacing our mid-size fleet to allow for more pickups from our food donation partners, so that we can serve more individuals in need throughout the Panhandle.

We purchased more than $2 million in food and product in 2021. (Yes, that is correct – $2 million!). Whether it be non-perishable food, protein, or fresh produce, we acquired more food than we had in the previous year. More importantly, you have made that possible!

Last year was not without its challenges. The status of the supply chain affected many food deliveries and caused several purchased, donated, and USDA load cancellations. Certain supplies that are crucial to our operations were delayed or canceled. Also, we dealt with many of our team members being under the weather with sickness – as many businesses and individuals are seeing right now. Even with all of this, our team remains committed to strengthening our ability to fight hunger on the High Plains.

We have so many exciting things to come in 2022. But, most importantly, we are excited to help more individuals in need this year. You are the one that can help us make that happen! Your continued support helps us make an impact each day. Thank you so much for helping our food-insecure neighbors!


Zack Wilson

Executive Director

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