Hunger Action Month

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Each September, Feeding America’s nationwide network of food banks unites to drive awareness and mobilize the public to take action on the issue of hunger.  This annual month-long campaign brings attention to the reality of food insecurity in the United States and promotes ways for individuals across the U.S. to get involved in the movement to help end hunger.  

Help raise awareness about hunger and inspire others ​to get involved in September and throughout the year.

Current opportunities include: 

  • Hunger Action Day 2021: Friday, September 17 – Hunger Action Day is a day where efforts across the country are focused on making significant huner-fighting impacts. Take action because you believe that “Food Shouldn’t Be an Impossible Choice.”
    • Donate
    • Volunteer
    • Host a Food & Fund drive
    • Wear orange! Then, post your selfie to social media, encouraging others to do the same!
      • Ex. “Orange is the color of hunger awareness. I’m wearing orange to show my support of @HighPlainsFoodBank in alleviating hunger in the Texas Panhandle.” #HungerActionMonth #HungerActionDay #WeFeedTxPh

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