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April 14, 2014 • Blog

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“Excuse me, I need some help,” I heard from my office.  A conversation that blew me away and proved why I love this place ensued. The man began telling his story and I was so intrigued that I got out of my chair and went up to where the conversation was taking place to hear it unfold.

“I just need to know how to stop it,” he said.  “I am so thankful for your help, but now I don’t need it.”

The gentlemen had come into our offices in November after he had lost his job.  He was desperate to feed his wife and his children.  He made an appointment and filled out an application for food stamps.  This is a scenario we see a lot coming into our offices.  Typically they are frazzled and see a little light in the outreach and application assistance we offer through our Outreach Department.

Many people come in and need immediate help because they thought they could find work in a hurry but after a month and bills they find their checkbook empty.  That desperation of a mom or a dad is palatable when they walk into our office.

Our Outreach Coordinator always treats her clients with dignity and respect.  I think sometimes she’s a therapist, and encourager, and their champion all in one meeting.  She does a fantastic job of playing all three.  She hears all kinds of heartbreaking stories and still finds a way to turn their situation around and make it positive.

Back to the gentleman that came in our offices.  He explained that he had gotten a job and it was better than his last job.  He just had one problem, he didn’t know how to go about canceling his foods stamps. He actually said, he didn’t need them and his application was good for a few more months, but he wanted to go ahead and stop them now.

I stood amazed.  This is exactly why we do what we do.  We utilize the program/safety nets available to help people.  Helping people is the core of our mission.

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