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January 27, 2014 • Blog

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In 2013 we distributed food to 26,350 people a month through our partnering agency network. According to the Census Bureau, there are 463,000 people living in the 29 county-area that we cover. Over 7.2 million lbs. of food went out of our warehouse last year, and that’s because of our partnering agencies and the community’s support of our mission!

It truly is remarkable what a community can accomplish when they come together. At the Food Bank, I am always astounded at the effort our communities take to ensure no one goes hungry. It’s that very drive to end hunger in the communities that makes our work possible.

For over 31 years we have worked in a grassroots effort hand-in-hand with our partnering agencies. What and who are our partnering agencies? They are churches and other hunger relief non-profits. The stories of how the came to be are incredible. Many saw a need in their community and when they could have easily said, “it’s too much for me”, they acted upon and created a place to distribute food to their friends and neighbors.

That pioneering spirit is befitting to this area. The history of the Panhandle is deeply rooted in seeing opportunity and making it a reality. It’s the same thing that happens when one person in a community gets inspired to make a change. That’s how our agencies were formed. We’ve found that the best way to drive change and collaboration is to watch it grow inside our communities. Together we can alleviate hunger in the Panhandle.

The result is 26,350 lives made better because a group of people said, “this is not okay!”


Onward to 2014

Zack Wilson

Executive Director

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