Nutrition Education

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Nutrition for Life

At HPFB, our goal is to alleviate hunger in the Panhandle, which requires us to take steps beyond providing food. Educating consumers about healthy living habits allows for a higher probability of self-sufficiency and greater food security. 

  • To help us educate the public about nutrition, we use USDA approved curriculum in a single class or series format.
  • Each class is approximately 30-45 minutes long, with the option of a cooking demonstration
  • Please contact Justin ( to host a class or class series or speaking engagement.


  • With the help of Window on a Wider World (WoWW) and our Kids Cafe Program, HPFB can offer nutrition education to many students across the Panhandle.
  • In our “Fruit and Vegetable Superhero” lesson, we encourage students to eat a colorful plate to obtain superpowers from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Garden Education

  • The Garden serves as our “outdoor classroom” on-site at High Plains Food Bank.
  • Students, both children and adults, can learn how to grow vegetables and learn about the health benefits of growing their own food!
  • For more information, contact Cara (


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