Agency Grants

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Grant Guidelines

  1. Agencies must be incorporated for at least one year
  2. Agencies must be in good standing at the time of the grant reviewing period (i.e. invoices, monthly reports, attended agency conference)
  3. Agencies must have an Agency Agreement Form on file with HPFB for at least 90 days before applying
  4. An agency may apply for a grant twice per calendar year; however, you cannot apply in consecutive quarters
    1. If your grant request was approved for the grant cycle, the above guideline still applies
    2. However, HPFB may consider new grant requests first before reviewing an additional grant request from an agency that has already received a grant award for the current calendar year and an agency that has already submitted a grant request for the year in order to ensure equability
  5. HPFB does not offer the grants:
    1. to pay down outstanding invoice amounts
    2. to provide direct monetary support
    3. for debt repayment
    4. to subsidize a direct purchase by the agency for freezers/coolers
  6. Information needed for the application process
    1. Agency needs to provide the number of individuals, households served
    2. Provide a case of support of why a HPFB capacity grant would increase the agency’s ability to provide more food and support to those served
      1. Examples of this would be: “a grant would allow us to access about 100 pounds more of produce items”; “we would be able to feed 50 more additional individuals each month”, etc.
  7. Grants application deadline (listed below) is the final date a request will be considered for that grant cycle. Any requests received after the deadlines will be considered in the next grant cycle
  8. Grants will be awarded quarterly as listed in the grant award schedule shown below (pending funds availability)
  9. If approved, agencies will be notified in writing within 30 days of the grant award schedule shown below
  10. If declined, an agency will be notified in the same manner as above #9
  11. If declined for the quarter, High Plains Food Bank will keep an agency’s request on file for the remainder of the calendar year. There is no need to reapply unless you are needing to amend a previous grant request

Shared Maintenance fee credits will be applied to an agency’s account

Freezers/Coolers will be purchased by HPFB and the delivery or pick-up will be coordinated. An equipment lease form will also need to be completed and signed upon delivery

Grant Deadlines

February 28
May 31
August 31
October 31

Grant Award Dates

**Agencies will be notified after the following dates**

March 20
June 20
September 20
November 15

Please note: the dates listed above are a general time range and does not imply that HPFB will notify recipients on the day listed above.

Agency Grant Form


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