June 29, 2020 •

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Karl has worked his whole life. Now, his kids are grown, and he takes care of his mother, who is aging and battling health issues. Karl receives food assistance and fellowship at Bethesda Outreach Center.

“When I was down and feeling bad, because my momma had a triple bypass and she almost died, I didn’t know who to turn to or what to say” Karl said.

Karl found camaraderie with the staff and volunteers. He always looks forward to seeing them.

“When you come to a place like this, you’re welcomed. You ain’t judged by the way you look, your color, you’re just welcomed. And, I mean, it’s not fake. It feels real…like you’ve been with these people for years” said Karl.

He is grateful for the food assistance and support he receives that make it possible for him to continue being a caregiver for his mother.

“Thank the food bank for helping provide meals to people in need. You ain’t got to steal, and you ain’t got to beg,” Karl says with a smile.

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