Maggie and Martha

June 29, 2020 •

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Maggie and Martha met in line for a Mobile Harvest Distribution at ACTS Community Resource Center. They quickly became close friends over shared stores of abuse, abandonment, and food insecurity.

Maggie began experiencing cycles of food insecurity when her husband suddenly deserted her and their two boys. Maggie worked as a secretary and often skipped meals, so her boys could eat.

“I’d use my money to buy pot-pies, or whatever I could afford. Most of the time, I’d just go without,” Maggie said.

Martha retired from teaching after more than 40 years. Living on a fixed income resulted in food insecurity and “enormous frustration…where all you can think about is food, becuase you just haven’t eaten all day. You’re spreading out the beans and rice, or whatever you have, into tiny amounts.”

“When I found High Plains Food Bank, that was a gem,” Martha said. “They had on their website a list of all these places to get help with food.”

Through ACTS Community Resource Center, Maggie and Martha receive food assistance through weekly Mobile Harvest distributions, a monthly senior food box, and the food pantry. The supplemental food provided helps keep them vibrant and healthy.

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