June 29, 2020 •

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Norman McDonald, a hardworking small business owner, is picking up his CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program) box for the first time during a distribution at the Borger Salvation Army.

“We hit some hard times when I was a kid,” said Norman. “But, ever since I’ve been old enough to work, I’ve always worked. But, I’m almost getting to where I can’t work, physically not able to do it.”

He’s run a salvage business and supported himself financially through years of intensive labor. However, advancing age and declining health are taking a toll. In addition, economic factors are not working in his favor. With scrap prices being low, there is nothing left, once he pays for expenses.

Through the CSFP program, Norman receives a monthly food box that provides nutritional support that he needs to stabilize his health. He is thankful for the support that is available. He smiles as he says lightheartedly, “I need the groceries (laughs)… Food comes in handy. I like to eat. Got a real bad habit of it.”

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